The Wyness Shuffle

Aviemore is a Happy Place (Pump It Up)

September 27, 2021

Moff, Stevie, AY & Ross pump it up to the top of the pops in recognition of the best start in ICT history. 

04:47 Game-by-game, with 6 games to review: Queens toppled, Ayr fall to earth, Killie get one in the pie, Buckie buckled, Partick pumped (little pricks) & Pars Ridgered.

29:40 Danny Devine Interview: The Belfast Bonnuci sits down with Stevie to reflect on his time away from Inverness and bask in his triumphant return.

54:23 Moff speaks to Dean McKinnon, host of the 'Just One Cornetto' podcast and general authority on all things Greenock Morton, ahead of The Ton's October visit north. 

01:13:36 Ross Hughes, ICT's new head of Physical Performance talks to Stevie about his role at the club. 

01:25:50 TOTP: Moff's angry about the bagpipe dirge the team are running out to and the pod channels that anger constructively by offering a range of alternative suggestions.

01:35:36 Doran Doran: which songs should we be playing for players when they score?

01:41:40 Mailbag: Suv's swollen sack has been emptied so Ross takes over for one week only. 

01:45:23 Competition Time: Scott Allardice announces the winner of his unsigned shirt. 

Don't forget to Pump It Up!


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