The Wyness Shuffle
DoddsBall: A Season preview

DoddsBall: A Season preview

July 9, 2021

A full house for the season preview. Moff, Suv, Stevie, AY and Ross share their excitement ahead of the new season. We're going up, aren't we?

01:30 Europish - a quick chat about the Euros. Forza Italia.

05:20 DoddsBall: We have a new Head Coach and we're all pretty enthusiastic about it. What is DoddsBall?

15:45 Players In: We've signed stars even your granny has heard of. Here's the lowdown on each of them:

20:20 Tom Walsh Interview: Sponsored by Vidal Sassoon.

29:08 Michael Gardyne Interview: How does it feel to join the big team?

37:30 Manny Duku Interview: The Manny for the job. 

49:15 Reece McAlear, the young boys, Jevan and who do we need to bring in?

54:50 Players Out: Long goodbyes to Toddy, Danny, Vinny, Storey, Keatsy, Braddy and McHattie. 

01:03:40 Team By Team: We go through every team in the league and conclude that nobody is going to stop our promotion charge.

01:17:19 Premier Sports Cup Preview: Games that we;re going to, getting it up Vigurs etc.

01:21:30 League Business: A consensus that we're going to have a great start to the league season despite the historical evidence.

01:25:38 Mail Bag With Andrew Sutherland: Shufflers answer your questions including a surprise recommendation of a pub in Hamilton.

01:27:48 Competition Time!

01:28:47 Quick Fire!

Three Tenners

Three Tenners

June 21, 2021

New Inverness Caledonian Thistle Sporting Director John Robertson took some time out to chat with Stevie Riley about his new role as well as reflecting on his second spell with ICT looking back at past league and cup runs as well as the challenges of the last campaign brought about by COVID-19 restrictions. John also discusses the personal challenges he faced in the last year and how he is looking to the future.

Running Order:

  • 00:00 - Robbo explains what his new role at the club will involve and discusses the challenges faced by ICT in recruiting players on a tight budget;
  • 13:27 - We cast an eye back over the 2017 season and what Robbo walked into when he took over the managers hot seat and just how little time he had to get a team together;
  • 18:58 - The Challenge Cup Final from 2018 was a highlight in a difficult season and Robbo tells all including the now infamous road trip to pick up Danny MacKay so he could play a key role in the game;
  • 23:32 - One of the hardest parts of a managers job is to tell players they are no longer needed. Robbo explains how it felt releasing club stalwarts like Gary Warren and David Raven and youngsters from the club as the restructuring of the team continued;
  • 31:08 - The 2018 season is recapped including the playoff push and the Scottish Cup run which saw ICT make the trip to Hampden again;
  • 37:14 - Into his third year of his second spell back and Robbo's rebuild of the ICT side is almost complete but a playoff challenge is thwarted by COVID-19;
  • 42:00 - The eventful summer of 2020 is retold including reconstruction talks and the vote. The challenges posed by the resultant lockdown are also laid bare as Robbo talks about how difficult things were for him trying to arrange training sessions whilst trying to improve bonding between players. Unbeknown to many, Robbo was also trying to cope with personal problems away from football. He speaks of these in typically honest fashion here;
  • 01:03:50 - With Billy Dodds now the new manager at ICT Robbo tells us more about what we can expect from him in his new role as Sporting Director and what he wants to achieve. 
Haile Gebrselassie Would Disagree: A Season Review

Haile Gebrselassie Would Disagree: A Season Review

May 21, 2021

A marathon pod with a full line-up of shufflers running through everything from the longest shortest season between visits from Neil McCann, Sean Welsh and Scot Gardiner.

03:40 Quick Season Highlights - youth excellence and glorious Dan MacKay goals

07:09 Game By Game - it's been a while, but we had to touch on the last 6 games: screamers, drama, injustice and the slow fizzling out of late hope.

17:25 Season Review - we look back and try to make sense of this strangest of seasons.

22:10 Neil McCann Interview. The minder has done his job and sits down with Stevie to reflect on a wild couple of months. 

37:44 The pod analyse the McCann mini-era. We doubted him but he proved us wrong and we will miss him. 

41:05 Dan and Toddy. WTF?

45:33 Sean Welsh Interview - the ICT captain joins Moff to give a detailed insight into how the players coped with the challenges they faced this season.

59:43 Pod reflections on the Welsh interview and a fair degree of hope about having Captain Sensible in place for next season.

01:05:49 Scot Gardiner Interview - the ICT CEO speaks to Stevie about empty stadiums, the McCann appointment and streaming. 

01:20:27 More moaning from us about streaming, pixelot, Bannerman etc. 

01:29:54 AOB: Tanner Bawbag, The Ginger Dani Alves, Where's Wallace? and The Mysterious Case of James Keatings.

01:33:25 New Season, New Manger/Head Coach: Dodds, Robson, Sheerin, Young, Robson, Beale, Caldwell, McIntyre, FOX, Markarian, Blokhin.

01:43:19 A word from Sean Welsh on the vacancy.

01:45:00 Outs, potential outs, suggests ins and next season's opposition.

01:52:20 NIGHTMARE XI: AY completes the team with maximal fanfare and runs through the full line-up in all its gruesome glory.     


Dan, Dan, Dan

Dan, Dan, Dan

April 9, 2021

Danny MacKay is the man of the moment right now after his recent performances for Caley Thistle! Recorded in the lead up to his Highland Derby heroics, Riley and AY sat down with Dan to discuss his career so far, from coming through the ICT Academy and scoring for Scotland's schoolboys against the auld enemy, to the Challenge Cup final and fighting back from injury, to establishing himself as a first team regular this season, his thoughts on Robbo, Kell, Neil McCann and Billy Dodds, and what it would mean to beat the County...



April 4, 2021

Moff, AY, Stevie and Ross bask in the post-derby good vibes in a loved up Soccer Saturday. 

01:26 Highland Derby Highlights

06:00 5 wins on the bounce beginning at Starks Park

11:10 East End Park, featuring love for Danny Devine

14:40 Jings Almighty! Buckie give us a scare

17:27 Arbroath at home, with love for Toddy



Expansive ruminations on the annihilation of the arseholes from over the bridge:

24.54 Davie Carson reflects on his 1st derby

33.10 Key battles - how we controlled the game

38:12 The goals - 3 beauties we'll never stop watching

46:08 El Kessocko - just fucking stop it

48:04 Derby's of yore: the listeners share some derby memories and we search for a few hazey evocations of our own


55:33 Songs! Terracing chants past and future

01:04:50 Local Hero Dan MacKay sits down with Stevie and AY  - full interview out later this week. 

01:13:36 League lookahead and predictions: 4th, 4th, 5th, 5th

01:22:40 Nightmare XI: the keeper for this torturous team is named

01:25:00 Carson's contract. Where is it?

01:29:47 Soccer Saturday conclusion: a flurry of late goals.



Milk & Alcohol

Milk & Alcohol

March 15, 2021

Moff, Stevie, AY, Ross & Suv drown their sorrows in the virtual pub. Moff fails to get his round in. 

02:20 We share our highlights from the last few weeks. There aren't any.

07.50 *Warning* The last 4 ICT games are discussed here - defeats to Dundee and QotS, draws with Alloa and Raith. Not pretty. 

18:18 Moff extols the virtues of Nikolay Todorov. Ross is less impressed with the Bulgarian striker.

19:43 Davie Carson Interview. Stevie sits down with 'The Ginger Iniesta'.

32:50 Pubs. The Pub. Alas my friend we knew you so well. The Shufflers have been to a few pubs in their time - sit back, pour yourself a pint and join us for a mid-morning swally in Drysdales, The Alamo, The Phoenix, Dickens, BtW, The London Road Tavern, The Pub, The 4 in Hand, The Mallard, The Ship Inn, The Norseman, Fanny By Gaslight, The Star & Garter, The Lighthouse, The City Bar, Lafferty's and The Muirtown. 

50:55 Martini Glancy: ICT players as pub drinks

54:05 Shaun Rooney comes along to cheer us up by talking us through some of the highs of his glorious debut season in Perth. We were into Rooney before it was cool.

01:00:33 League One lookahead: surely not?

01:05:55 Was McCann the right appointment and why wasn't Charlie Christie considered?

01:09:55 League lookahead: where will we pick up the points needed for safety?

01:17:24 The Fermer: Arbroath TV's Allen Innes fills Ross in with the latest from 'The Lichties' in his mellifluous Mearns tones. Also contains a list of pubs. 

01:27:11 Nightmare XI: This team needs a keeper - the listeners will decide between Zibi, Nicky, Johnny and Fonny. But not Mikey. 

01:30:50 Mailbaig: Suv's swollen sack spills out some more listener correspondence and questions. 

01:33:49 Competition Time: Aaron Doran presents his shirt to a lucky winner. 

01:35:19 A parting message for the players who will keep us up. 


Minder: I Could Be So Good For You

Minder: I Could Be So Good For You

February 28, 2021

Moff, Stevie, Suv, AY and Ross reflect on a turbulent week for the club, the highs and lows of the past 4 games, the appointment of an interim manager or 'Minder', and look ahead to another packed month of ICT action. 

Running Order

02.00: Solidarity with Robbo and Kell and a summary of their achievements at the club so far.

07.20: Chronology of events: Stevie runs through a whirlwind week off the park.

09.26: Hopes and fears following the appointment of Neil 'Terry' McCann.

17.15: Former ICT hero Josh Meekings and Dundee podcaster Gary Cocker give as an insight into what we can expect from McCannball.

28.26:  Game by Game: beginning with an in-depth look at how we set up against Hearts and the chance to vent about the 2 points dropped against Alloa.

42.51: Auld Alliance: signs of hope from the commentary box? 

48.30: Soft Southern Bastards: conflicting fortunes against our friends in the south - QotS and Ayr.

55.48: League Lookahead: 6 games in March - how many points will we take?

1.00.40: 1st week in the job - what does McCann need to do?

1.03.45: Mailbag - Suv empties the sticky contents of his swollen bag.

1.10.50: Closing thoughts on Robbo, Kell and grief. 








Carpet Disco Time

Carpet Disco Time

February 15, 2021

Shuffling into your downloads light on football matches to talk about but heavy on top Caley Thistle content!

This episode we're joined by Scott Allardice to discuss his new deal, Gary Locke talks about the recent ICT and Hearts love in, we recap the few games we have played and predict what's likely to happen in the congested fixture list ahead, offer up some top telly recommendations for when our next game is called off and we've got a new signing joining us on the pod for the first time.

Let's shuffle!

  • We review the headlines of recent weeks in Scottish football (01:43)
  • What's gone right and wrong with the season so far? (05:15)
  • It's the "hot" topic of the moment - what's happened to the ICT pitch? (15:00)
  • Morton and Arbroath performances reviewed (21:27)
  • Hear from recent signing Anthony McDonald on his return to the Highlands (34:07)
  • Caley off, Telly on! (38:42)
  • Previewing the upcoming fixtures (44:00)
  • Hear from Hearts hero Gary Locke on the recent goodwill between our sides (52:10)
  • Potential Player of the Year Scott Allardice drops by to chat about signing a new deal (01:07:20)
  • Mailbag - extra small edition (01:17:51)
  • We pay tribute to club historian Ian Broadfoot (01:22:25) 
Dennis Wyness: He Used to be Shy

Dennis Wyness: He Used to be Shy

January 24, 2021

"I don't do interviews" he said. Well we got him on for a cracker of a chat and it's a real treat for ICT fans. Caley Thistle's all time leading scorer bursts onto the pod talking all things Aberdeen, Caley Thistle, Hearts, Highland League and everything else in between. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Dennis Wyness! Let's shuffle!

Running Order:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:04 - Arise, Wyness your Highness
  • 03:07 - Standfree and the Dandies
  • 10:50 - On loan to Caley Thistle
  • 26:14 - "He used to be shite, but now he's all right!"
  • 38:22 - My Dreamboy
  • 44:25 - Walking in a Wyness Wonderland
  • 01:00:23 - Gorgie Rules
  • 01:09:21 - The Prodigal Son Returns
  • 01:27:29 - Shuffling off into the distance
  • 01:36:04 - Fans and Teammates Q & A
A Bonus Christmas Storey

A Bonus Christmas Storey

December 30, 2020

Shuffle Extra: Snap reaction from the home draw with Dunfermline from Moff, Stevie and Ross. At least 2 out of the 3 were well pished. 

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