The Wyness Shuffle
One Club, Three Histories

One Club, Three Histories

June 24, 2022

Join us for a review of season 21/22 and a look at the football club as a whole as we sit down for an exclusive and wide ranging chat with ICT CEO Scot Gardiner.

We look forward to the coming campaign and talk about everything from singing sections to season tickets and pies to players, enjoy the works of Will Smith and Black Sabbath, discuss possible signings, debate the match-day experience at Caley Stadium and engagement with you, the fans, plus a bulging Mailbag, the ICT ladies, Scott Allan and John Nelms. 

Let's Shuffle. 

01:00: Summertime, Duran Duran and Andrea Bocelli, no rest for the wicked, Cool and the Gang and Black Sabbath 

03:07: Season 21/22 in poetry

04:10: Why Billy Dodds? We look back at June 2021 and the appointment of Doddsy, the wealth of applications from South America, and getting Neil McCann up against a wall. 

14:04: 19 points from 21. We look at the roaring start to the season through the Chief Executive's eyes 

17:00: 11 Games without a win. How many games without a win is too many games? We find out the answer and discover how Doddsy survived and why we went on to almost get promotion. 

21:07: He Who Shall Not Be Named. Scot's perspective on the extra curricular activities of a certain ratbag. 

22:33: Arbroath 3-0, Raith 3-2, 2-0 Pars: Back on Track 

25:34: The Playoffs. How Arbroath got managers the sack, Gayfield conditions, one game too far? 

34:21: Quickfire5

37:00: The New Season: In advance of the upcoming Preview Pod we discuss signings, signings and more possible signings, how do we identify players and how hard is it to attract people north. 

56:45: The Matchday Experience. When we interviewed Scot two years ago he described the matchday experience as 'grim.' We address that and what needs to change. 

1:09:10: Fan Engagement, the Supporters Trust, Section 94, some pod called the Wyness Shuffle, statements, and our fanbase. 

1:21:17: Mailbag: The return of a bulging sack, including: the Community Complex at the IRA, Women's Football, Membership Scheme, programmes and raffle tickets, parking, active travel, Free-Ports, Concerts, Scott Allan, and John Nelms. Hi mate! 

1:35: 36: BACK IN RED AND BLACK! Thoughts of an old-ish Jaggy, the Puma process, the 1972 Highland League Championship, and Dave Milroy says "About bloody time." 

1:42:40: The final word from Scot. 

See you for the Preview Pod! 

Merry Christmas, Dick

Merry Christmas, Dick

May 18, 2022

Thank you Dick Campbell for the very easy naming of this pod. Despite this title, and apart from the first 20 mins in which we look back at the Partick and Arbroath games, this pod is entirely about the St Johnstone games. We speak to ex Caley Thistle and Saints midfielder Paul Cherry, have a chat with Danny from the Dogger Saints podcast, and sit down with ICT ever-present man-mountain Robbie Deas. And this is all in the company of all-time ICT appearance holder and legend Ross Tokely, a man who was part of our First Division winning side of 0405, beating St Johnstone 3-1 on the last day of the season to lift the league title. 

Plus there's the usual inane references, the usual random tunes and the most unusual feeling of positivity! 

Running order 

01.00 Xmas has come early 

01.55 The Headlines 

02.25 Highland Highlight 

05.42 Game by Game

22.00 Interview: ICT and St Johnstone legend Paul Cherry 

41.05 Head to Head/Historical records 

48.33 A Quiztion of Perth 

51.28 Interview: Danny Williams from the Dogger Saints podcast  

1.14.47 The Premiership Play-off final games: the analysis 

1.23.57 Interview: Everpresent Robbie Deas (he's from Kinross you know) 

1.36.13 Cheerio and thanks for listening, oh, and predictions!  


Ian McCall’s Hubcaps

Ian McCall’s Hubcaps

May 1, 2022


It's the Partick Thistle Preview Pod pod! 

We look at the Hamilton, Morton, Queens, Killie and Ayr games through the prism of the Partick playoffs, we hear from Doddsy post match Hamilton, chat to Partick fan Marc Wallace and mainly focus on the two Partick games. 

It's must listen stuff. Actually it is, for a change, so listen. 

We are in the play-offs and we suggest we might be more than just in it! 

And we met Ian McCall the other week. 

Up the Caley! 


Les Fridgerables

Les Fridgerables

April 3, 2022

A long time ago in a February far, far away, ICT were ten games without a win and the Shuffle panellists were asking whether a place in the playoffs was slipping away. A month later, on the back of three consecutive victories, we’re wondering whether we can steal second. Moff, Riley, AY and their special guest, ICTTV commentator Iain Auld, look back on a month of dramatically-shifting fortunes for the team, and shoehorn in a few tenuous movie references along the way. Action!

3.02: Highland Highlight - From a month rich in possibilities, we pick out the Oscar-worthy moments.
7.00: Game by Game - We look back at the wins against Dunfermline, Raith and Arbroath, pondering the contributions of the January signings, Cammy MacKay’s resilience, the rejuvenation of some of our longer-serving players, and why we are suddenly good again.
32.08: Player Interview: Reece McAlear - Riley sits down with one of the standout players of the last few months and discusses his career to date, playing for Caley Thistle, and where he sees his future.
49.18: The Oscars - Moff Rock opens his golden envelopes to reveal four minutes of vaguely-film-and-ICT-related tortured puns.
53.05: New Kit - Caley Thistle’s earliest-ever kit launch was met with a very mixed response. We discuss the new design, and consider whether a misquoted song lyric is really a case for sacking the board.
01.00.05: Player Interview: Cammy Harper - After breaking into the first team last season, the left-sided product of the ICT youth system might have expected to be a regular starter in 2021-22. However, things haven’t quite worked out that way. Riley sat down with Cammy for a candid interview about his Caley Thistle career to date and his feelings about what has been, for him, a very frustrating season.
01.14.05: League Lookahead - It will take a disastrous slump in form to take us out of the playoffs now, but how high can we finish? The final five league games will decide. We take a cautiously optimistic look at our chances of taking 15 from 15.
01.24.23: The Playoffs - If (when!) we qualify, who do we play, when do we play, and what are our chances? The pod panellists discuss the possible permutations.



February 14, 2022

Saddle up and join Moff, Riley, Suv and AY as we pick our way across the rocky terrain of the last six
weeks of Scottish Championship football. We discuss what’s gone wrong in recent games and where
the club is right now, review recent transfer activity, look at some upcoming fixtures and hear from
Scott Allardice, new signing Austin Samuels and under-18 coach and goalkeeping legend Ryan Esson. Yee-haw!

01:48: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Picking through the highs, lows and ridiculous moments of the last few weeks.  
04:25: Where Did It All Go Wrong? - The last six weeks have not been great for ICT fans. We deep dive into what's been happening. Have a listen. If you can face it...
23:05: Game By Game Review - We go back in time to review the recent, and not so recent, ICT match action.
37:55: Player Interview: Scott Allardice - Riley chats with Scott Allardice about how things have gone this season and gets an injury update from our midfield star. 
47:46: League Lookahead - We've got some tricky fixtures coming up at a crucial time of the season. We discuss what lies ahead for Caley Thistle in the coming weeks.
57:45: Transfer Window Round Up - With some new faces in the door at TCS, as well as some departing, we check out the new signings and see what they could offer us. We also have a chat with Austin Samuels.
01:10:10: Around the League - There have been some other eye catching, and some controversial signings, over the last few weeks. We pick out some of the better signings we think have been made by Championship rivals.
01:21:00: Interview: Ryan Esson - Find out more about the job that Ryan Esson is doing off the pitch working with the next generation of Highland talent.
01:30:32: Competition Winner - Did you win Robbie Deas' shirt? Only one way to find out...

Santa With Muscles

Santa With Muscles

December 21, 2021

Strap yourself into the sleigh as Moff, Riley, Suv and AY take off over the rooftops for one last time in 2021 and peer down a few chimneys along the way!

01:35: Recent Highlights - We look behind the doors of the ICT advent calendar and separate the Creme Eggs from the Fudges.  
03:30: Best moments of 2021 - The boys rummage through this laddered stocking of a year and pull out a few precious memories.
07:25: Game By Game Review - Failed deliveries in the Scottish Cup. An early present from Killie at home. A six-course banquet at Cappielow. The red wine hangover of Hamilton. We discuss them all.
22:00 Fan Interview: Louis Lockhart - Old lag meets young team as Riley chats with Louis, one of the supporters involved in getting the west stand open and bringing the atmosphere back to TCS. 
31:15 Player Interview 1: Robbie Deas - One of the first names on the team sheet in his second season with the club, our centre-half-turned-left-back speaks to Riley.
42:00 Gifts for Gaffers - We spread a little yuletide love and come up with appropriate presents for all the other Championship managers.
47:10 League Lookahead - The boys discuss some crucial upcoming games in the tricky-looking festive fixture list. 
54:00 Potential Signings - Who might the club bring in to ease the pain of dry January?
57:20 Player Interview 2: Mark Ridgers- Caley Thistle’s Christmas Number One talks recent form and team spirit with Riley.
01:06:25 Players as Christmas Films - Who is singing A Christmas Carol? Which player is Home Alone this Christmas? And who, or what, is Santa with Muscles?!
01:08:40 Festive Mailbag - Postman Suv opens his extra-heavy Christmas sack.
01:15:55 Competition Time - One fortunate listener could have an extra present under the tree if they follow, like and retweet.
01:17:15 2022 Predictions - Once the turkey is eaten, the beer is drunk and all the toys are broken, what will 2022 have in store?    

Marius Niculae’s Clubcard Points

Marius Niculae’s Clubcard Points

November 23, 2021

After 16 seasons and a record 589 appearances from 1996-2012, Caley Thistle’ icon Ross Tokely makes his Wyness Shuffle debut!

Tokes joins Moff, AY and Riley to take a look at the November action, look forward to the festive period, overview the season as a whole and take a look back through his own outstanding career and service to ICTFC.

Expect tales of Somerset Park and Dingwall, Terry Butcher and Pele plus legends such as Darren Dods, David Bagan, Grant Munro, Liam Keogh, Claude Gnapka, Kenny Gilet and Vetle Anderson.

And after nearly two months without a pod, due to illness and family commitments, you can forgive us the two hour run time. It is Ross Tokely after-all.

If you want to pick and choose your segments, timecodes galore below.

3.36  Good and Bad: Ross and the Shufflers take a look at the good and the bad of the last month’s action: the impact of Allardice and Macgregor, the loss of Carson, the return of Scott Kellacher and the frustrating results.  

10.04  Game by Game: Queens away, Pars at home, Ayr away, Partick away, Abroath at home, plus Tokes playing for County, and the inimitable workrate of Graham Bayne.    

27.37  Tokes’ Fast 5 #1: Best manager, game, goal, ground and achievement in football.

30.00 Interview: ICTWFC: Riley sat down and spoke with ICTWFC defender and cultured ball playing centre half Alex Andrews, who ran us through how the team is getting on this season and what it’s like being part of the Caley Thistle family.

41.07 Interview: Kirk Broadfoot: He’s played in the UEFA Cup final, won the league cup, the old first division, and three premier league titles, so why come to Inverness at this stage in the career, how much time does he spend in the gym and his thoughts on the Kilmarnock doubters.

56.55  Tokes’ Caley Exit: “I didn’t want to leave the club, I really didn’t. It took me a long time to get over it.” Ross speaks open and honestly about his exit from Inverness in 2012.  

1.02.44  January additions: Where should we add and why?  

1.04.46  Tokes Fast 5 #2: Worst game, best game, regrets, hardest opponent, and piss-ups.  

1.06.47  League lookahead: The boys show no enthusiasm for the cup games v Morton and Raith, while Tokes shows a lot of enthusiasm for the cup games v Morton and Raith. We analyse the upcoming Kilmarnock match in-depth and talk about Greenock’s finest boozer, the Norseman.

1.19.49  Interview: The Pars: Peter Grant out, Yogi in, and an immediate reaction against us. Sadly. We spoke to Pars fan and ParsTV commentator Jordan Burt.

1.32.43  Ross Tokely: Where are you now? We spoke to Ross about his current coaching of the under-16s, his love of football and his prolonged career in the North Caley League and Inverness Amateur League.  

1.39.14  Quiz: You Can Toke To Me: How else better to go through 16 seasons and 589 games than in the form of a quiz. How many will Tokes get out of ten?

1.47.27  The Shufflebus: On Saturday 6 November, the Shuffle decided to charter our first ever minibus to Ayr Away, ferrying some 12 central-belt based ICT fans to the game at the iconic Somerset Park. Here follows the tail of the Shufflebus, and its bloody messy and the sound is awful.

1.55.03  Mailbag: The usual smattering of questions and queries from ICT fans far and wide.  

2.02.25  Tokes Fast 5 #3: Best craic, worst craic, worst dresser, worst trainer, most ridiculous thing he’s seen in football.

That’s it. Yip yip.

Aviemore is a Happy Place (Pump It Up)

Aviemore is a Happy Place (Pump It Up)

September 27, 2021

Moff, Stevie, AY & Ross pump it up to the top of the pops in recognition of the best start in ICT history. 

04:47 Game-by-game, with 6 games to review: Queens toppled, Ayr fall to earth, Killie get one in the pie, Buckie buckled, Partick pumped (little pricks) & Pars Ridgered.

29:40 Danny Devine Interview: The Belfast Bonnuci sits down with Stevie to reflect on his time away from Inverness and bask in his triumphant return.

54:23 Moff speaks to Dean McKinnon, host of the 'Just One Cornetto' podcast and general authority on all things Greenock Morton, ahead of The Ton's October visit north. 

01:13:36 Ross Hughes, ICT's new head of Physical Performance talks to Stevie about his role at the club. 

01:25:50 TOTP: Moff's angry about the bagpipe dirge the team are running out to and the pod channels that anger constructively by offering a range of alternative suggestions.

01:35:36 Doran Doran: which songs should we be playing for players when they score?

01:41:40 Mailbag: Suv's swollen sack has been emptied so Ross takes over for one week only. 

01:45:23 Competition Time: Scott Allardice announces the winner of his unsigned shirt. 

Don't forget to Pump It Up!


St. Vincent

St. Vincent

September 5, 2021

Riley sat down with one of the nicest guys we've interviewed - Scottish Cup winner James Vincent! The guys spoke about the highs and lows of his Caley Thistle career, rejecting a move to Hibs, that Scottish Cup goal, the managers who inspired him, spells at Dundee and Dunfermline, returning to the Highlands and his recent departure from Inverness.

Jimmy Says Aye to a Killie Pie

Jimmy Says Aye to a Killie Pie

August 18, 2021

An Olympic Coliseum sized pod as the first month of ICT action is analysed by Moff, Suv, AY and Riley. The boys discuss the 100% start to the first two league games and the benefits of working on the defence, look forward to Aug and Sep action, interviews with club legends Billy Mckay, Ryan Esson, and Killie fan Craig Anderson, heated debate about the Fans Focus Group, plus mailbag and competition time!

01:30: Olympic medallists. Who gets our gold, silver and bronze medals for the opening month of the season?

04.35: League Cup Game by Game: The boys chat about the win over Peterhead, the draw v Stirling, the disaster v Cove and the loss to Hearts, as the club fails to qualify for the fifth consecutive season.

14:36: The League: 1-0 wins against Arbroath and Raith as the Shuffle debates our best start to a Championship campaign, praises Duku, Devine, Sutherland and Allardice and calls for Roddy to get a new contract pronto! 

27:00: Billy Mckay Interview: Riley speaks to a very honest Billy Mckay about returning for his third (and final) spell with ICT, the ups and downs in his career to date and his hopes for this season. Then the boys predict how many goals our number 9 will hit in 21/22.

43:18: Returning to the Football: Covid restrictions, social distancing, facemasks, and lower attendances, for a wee while at least?

46:26: League Lookahead Part 1: The upcoming action analysed as the Shuffle predicts an easy win over Ayr.

48.27: Interview with Kilmarnock fan Craig Anderson: Suv speaks to the Terrace Podcast’s resident Killie fan, who outlines Killie’s key players, predicts his team to romp the league, says some very nice things about Caley Thistle, and talks about Jimmy saying aye to a Killie pie.

1:01:29: League Lookahead Part 2: The rest of the action analysed as the boys predict taking at least a point away to Killie, an unpredictable barnstormer of a top of the table rammy v Partick, and a few goals against the Pars.

1:10:09: Interview with Ryan Esson: The Scottish Cup and Division One winner talks about his 13 years with ICT, his transition from goalkeeping coach to Under-18s supremo, the current crop of youth players, Graeme Shinnie picking up his pants, and what it takes to make it to the top.

1:32:00: Competition Time: We reveal, with no small amount of pomp, who has won Dan Mackay’s home shirt.

1:34:34: Debate: The New Fans Focus Group: The boys talk about who is on the group, what the issues the group is looking at, fan engagement, fan experience at TCS and representation for all ICT supporters demographics.

1:46:14: Andrew Sutherland’s Love Island Mailbag: Suv’s got a text! In-fact he’s got a few. Who are the Shufflers coupling up with this mailbag?

1:52:42: Yet another competition! We are good to you. Get liking and following etc on social media!


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