The Wyness Shuffle


April 4, 2021

Moff, AY, Stevie and Ross bask in the post-derby good vibes in a loved up Soccer Saturday. 

01:26 Highland Derby Highlights

06:00 5 wins on the bounce beginning at Starks Park

11:10 East End Park, featuring love for Danny Devine

14:40 Jings Almighty! Buckie give us a scare

17:27 Arbroath at home, with love for Toddy



Expansive ruminations on the annihilation of the arseholes from over the bridge:

24.54 Davie Carson reflects on his 1st derby

33.10 Key battles - how we controlled the game

38:12 The goals - 3 beauties we'll never stop watching

46:08 El Kessocko - just fucking stop it

48:04 Derby's of yore: the listeners share some derby memories and we search for a few hazey evocations of our own


55:33 Songs! Terracing chants past and future

01:04:50 Local Hero Dan MacKay sits down with Stevie and AY  - full interview out later this week. 

01:13:36 League lookahead and predictions: 4th, 4th, 5th, 5th

01:22:40 Nightmare XI: the keeper for this torturous team is named

01:25:00 Carson's contract. Where is it?

01:29:47 Soccer Saturday conclusion: a flurry of late goals.



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