The Wyness Shuffle

Haile Gebrselassie Would Disagree: A Season Review

May 21, 2021

A marathon pod with a full line-up of shufflers running through everything from the longest shortest season between visits from Neil McCann, Sean Welsh and Scot Gardiner.

03:40 Quick Season Highlights - youth excellence and glorious Dan MacKay goals

07:09 Game By Game - it's been a while, but we had to touch on the last 6 games: screamers, drama, injustice and the slow fizzling out of late hope.

17:25 Season Review - we look back and try to make sense of this strangest of seasons.

22:10 Neil McCann Interview. The minder has done his job and sits down with Stevie to reflect on a wild couple of months. 

37:44 The pod analyse the McCann mini-era. We doubted him but he proved us wrong and we will miss him. 

41:05 Dan and Toddy. WTF?

45:33 Sean Welsh Interview - the ICT captain joins Moff to give a detailed insight into how the players coped with the challenges they faced this season.

59:43 Pod reflections on the Welsh interview and a fair degree of hope about having Captain Sensible in place for next season.

01:05:49 Scot Gardiner Interview - the ICT CEO speaks to Stevie about empty stadiums, the McCann appointment and streaming. 

01:20:27 More moaning from us about streaming, pixelot, Bannerman etc. 

01:29:54 AOB: Tanner Bawbag, The Ginger Dani Alves, Where's Wallace? and The Mysterious Case of James Keatings.

01:33:25 New Season, New Manger/Head Coach: Dodds, Robson, Sheerin, Young, Robson, Beale, Caldwell, McIntyre, FOX, Markarian, Blokhin.

01:43:19 A word from Sean Welsh on the vacancy.

01:45:00 Outs, potential outs, suggests ins and next season's opposition.

01:52:20 NIGHTMARE XI: AY completes the team with maximal fanfare and runs through the full line-up in all its gruesome glory.     


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