The Wyness Shuffle

Pumpkins and PPV

October 26, 2020

The new season has kicked off and The Wyness Shuffle returns to run the rule over the results so far, discuss our chances in the games ahead, provide an early verdict on the matchday streaming experience, induct another unfortunate soul into the ICT Nightmare XI, answer questions from supporters and there's the small matter of who was won Sean Welsh's shirt...

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  • We pick out our Highland Highlight’s of the season so far (1:45)
  • The pod picks over the bones of the recent games against Hearts and Cowdenbeath in the League Cup as well as our opening league matches against Dunfermline and Ayr (3:50)
  • The Digital Elephant in the Room – match day streaming and thoughts on the experience so far (18:30)
  • A View from the Opposition Terrace – Moff dials up Ayr fan and Ayrshire Post reporter Stuart Wilson to get his views on the draw with The Honest Men (24:59)
  • We try to look into the future and predict what might happen in our forthcoming league games against Arbroath and Hearts before the League Cup restarts and we face Raith Rovers and East Fife (36:48)
  • Get to know one of the new faces in the ICT squad as Wallace Duffy chats with Riley who continues grafting for freebies (49:45)
  • Nightmare XI is back for Hallowe’en but who is next in line for a place in the side? (59:50)
  • We received some great questions on Twitter this week. We do our best to answer them with the return of mailbag (1:04:12)

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